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For the customers who are considering backup systems to be prepared for water cutoffs and reduction of water charges

More than the water quality standard for drinking water!! Reduce 70% of the burden of the cost with the ground water utilization system!

Ground water utilization system of DAICEN MEMBRANE-SYSTEMS

For example...In the case of a medical facility whose number of hospital beds is 200 and number of dialysis bed is 50...If the ground water utilization system is introduced by leasing

As the remuneration for medical treatment is reduced significantly,
further cost reduction is required at medical institutions.
We realize constant cost reduction without decreasing the safety level.

How much will be reduced? Instead of the monthly water charge, the amount reduced is calculated as the profit without the leasing fee of the equipment and the cost for maintenance and inspection, etc. Water charge 15,972,000 yen/ year -> The cost born after introduction 3,921,000 yen/ year. The cost is reduced by 70%. *A 7-year leasing contract is assumed.

Contact number: Membrane Sales Department Tokyo office +81 (0)3-6631-3000

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We will fulfill our responsibility from introduction through maintenance.

The flow of introduction

1. Proposal of the system -> 2. Well drilling -> 3. Decision of the system, construction of the equipment -> 4. Final check of the water quality -> 5. Full-scale operation -> 6. Maintenance *The detail may be changed a little depending on the environment and the situation of the place of installation of the customer.


DAICEN MEMBRANE-SYSTEMS provides the perfect maintenance system essential for constant operation.

Troubles are avoided and the system can be used with the feeling of security with the remote monitoring system. In case any error occurs on the device, an alarm is issued simultaneously to notify the person in charge of maintenance of our company, and the restoration works will be performed.

Since it is protected by the sophisticated security system, the water quality data will not leak outside.

Below are the answers to the frequently asked questions at the time of introduction.

Isn't pumping of ground water prohibited?

Various rules are imposed by each municipality. We will abide by the rules of each municipality, and propose the system which the customer can use with the feeling of security.

Is there any possibility that ground subsidence occurs by taking water?

We will conduct adequate investigation in advance so that it will not cause any environmental destruction. Ground subsidence in our country occurs because of long-term and large amount of pumping of ground water according to the high growth after the Second World War. The amount of water taken was as much as several thousands of m3/ day per facility. The amount of water taken that we propose is 50 to 250m3/day per facility, and the amount of pumped water does not basically cause any ground subsidence.

Is there any possibility that it becomes impossible to use the system because of the amount of water or the water quality of the ground water?

The ground and the water source of the point of well drilling will be investigated adequately in advance. We officially propose only if both the water quality and the amount of quality satisfy the conditions based on the result above, so it is not necessary to worry about that.

Is there any possibility that the installation causes contamination of ground water?

Contamination of ground water occurs because of dirty water and domestic wastewater which enter from the ground surface. Normally, an approx. 100m-deep deep well is dug, and the ground water is taken from under the impermeable layer which is the second to third layer, so the soiled water near the ground surface does not enter. In addition, the pumped water is treated by the sophisticated water purification of this system and becomes drinkable water.

Mechanisms of ground water and the water quality treatment

The water which permeates from the ground surface becomes ground water after years and months of natural filtration.
The good-quality ground water is pumped from the deep well, and high-quality treated water is produced.

Contact number: Membrane Sales Department Tokyo office +81 (0)3-6631-3000

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