Privacy policy

DAICEN MEMBRANE-SYSTEMS Ltd. (hereafter called the company) shall treat the personal information of customers which is provided to the company for using the web site according to the basic privacy policy.

Basic privacy policy

  1. 1. If personal information is provided by any customer, the information will be used only for the purposes of responding to inquiries and requests from the customer and providing information related to our products and services.
  2. 2. With regard to the personal information provided, the company will try to prevent leakage, loss and defamation of and unauthorized access to the information.
  3. 3. The provided personal information will not be provided to any third party unless any of the following conditions is applicable.
    • If the customer has approved in advance
    • If the information is processed into statistical data which is impossible to identify the person who provided the information with
    • If it is requested to disclose it based on laws and regulations, etc.
    • In case it is urgently required for protecting any person's life, body or property.

Collection and confirmation of personal information

  • Any personal information of customers will not be collected without obtaining the consent from the customers in this site.

Cookie policy

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Use of cookies on this website

n order to provide greater user convenience and maintain and improve service quality, this website uses cookies for the purposes stated below, not for the purpose of obtaining personal information of users.

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Use of Google Analytics

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The information that is collected, recorded and analyzed by Google Analytics does not involve any information to identify specific individuals. The information collected, recorded and analyzed by Google Analytics is managed by Google LLC. in accordance with its privacy policy.

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Google Analytics Terms of Service
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Managing and clearing cookies

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Inquiries about our Cookie Policy

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