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To people who are responsible for waste water treatment (facilities)

Energy-saving diffusers with excellent chemical resistance

The diffuser developed and improved with
the original technology of DAICEN MEMBRANE-SYSTEMS
and its long experience

Applicable to various waste water with PTFE rubber which receives attention in the industry

  • Energy saving with superfine air bubbles!
  • Long life!
  • Stain-resistant

Introduction of a superfine bubble diffuser is considered, but there is a concern if it is possible to comply with the rules on waste water.

DAICEN's PTFE rubber resolves the concern

Accumulated experience with PTFE material

Examples of introduction (private demands)

Private demands: 1,000 places

  • Drainage of kitchens

    • Major department stores

    • Large commercial facilities

    • Hotels
  • Drainage of food plants

    • Dairy industry

    • Meat industry

    • Brewing industry

    • Confectionery
  • Drainage of chemical plants
  • Drainage of livestock industry
  • Alumite treatment

Applicable to various waste water treatment!

PTFE rubber is EPDM processed with fluorocarbon resin, which is applicable to various drainage purposes!

DAICEN's diffusers resolves the concern


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