To remove SS components, dioxins and heavy metals in the waste water


The amount of SS (suspended substances) in the waste water of the plant is large as much as 1100mg/L, and it has exceeded the effluent standard value (200mg/L). Is there any means which can make it within the effluent standard value?


We have established "Dynamic filtration system", which is a solid-liquid separation method of waste water that is totally different from existing coagulating sedimentation treatment. It is a "filtration method" which deposits the turbidity components contained in the waste water on the surface of metal mesh membrane, and uses that layer of deposits (dynamic layer) as the filtration unit, and separates it from water.
In addition, combining with the UF membrane manufactured and sold by our company, reliable removal is performed through the UF membrane to acquire clear water. There was a case that 1100mg/L of SS components were included in the raw water, and they were removed to 0.5mg/L or less.

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