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Proposals and services concerning water treatment
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Water treatment process

We have the experience and know-how accumulated by handling
more than 100 cases of sampling per year.

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What is the source water like? What should be removed? And what kind of water is wanted?

A total water treatment process is proposed based on our experience and know-how as an expert of water treatment.

At least 100 cases of various types of water are brought in to the technical center of DAICEN MEMBRANE-SYSTEMS, and the water treatment processes according to the needs of the customers are searched for.

A collection of technologies of DAICEN

Hearing about the undiluted solution and the treated water

The processes including pretreatment which are realized with the collection of technologies of DAICEN are proposed.

Request for testing

The technologies of separation, concentration and purification and the know-how backed up by a lot of experiences and results are our strengths.

Laboratory test

A wide variety of treatments including separation, disinfection and clarification of several nanometers to several microns is possible. Other than above, we also have electrolytic techniques and agglomeration technique techniques.

You can select the place of testing.

  1. Our company
  2. Testing by the customer using a rental machine
  3. On-site testing by our dispatched personnel


Selection of the optimal membrane module and necessary number of units is conducted.
In addition, rough simulation of the initial cost, the running cost and the space required for installation is performed.

Field test

A test is conducted using the actual module. The test machine can be selected from a rental machine, new installation, arrangement of the existing equipment, etc.

The following data are collected.

  1. Engineering data
  2. Operating conditions
  3. Tentative calculation of the cost

Design and manufacturing of the actual equipment

The equipment is designed and manufactured. Not only design, installation and instructions on operation, but also total service including the maintenance after installation are provided.


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Membrane Sales Department

  • Tokyo +81 (0)3-6631-3000
  • Osaka +81 (0)6-7639-7351
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Roles in food processing

More and more sophisticated food processing processes like health food, medical and pharmaceutical products, food for the sick and processed food can be dealt with "membrane".

Membrane treatment
  • Low temperature treatment is possible.
  • It is possible to perform concentration during purification.
  • Continuous operation is possible.
Evaporation, filter pressing, centrifugal separation
  • High energy cost is required.
  • Continuous operation is impossible because it is batch-type operation.

There is a growing need for separation technology by membrane treatment in the field of food such as concentration of food, in which necessary ingredients are lost if it is performed by heat treatment.

  • Disinfection of mineral water
  • Clarification of draft beer and soft drinks
  • Concentration of fruit juice and dairy products
  • Purification processes of the raw materials for health food and functional food

Processes in the functional food industry

  1. Manufacturing of a processed food which uses enhanced protein by extracting and concentrating whey protein is desired.

  2. Hearing
    Hearing about the raw material and the substances to be extracted. We will hear the conditions of production and the environment of the facility, and consider the optimal separation/ concentration method.
  3. Laboratory test
    After receiving the actual raw material, analysis is performed at our technical center, and proposal about the treatment processes are considered.
  4. Proposal
    We propose safe and high-quality extraction and concentration without breaking the ingredients by heating realized with the hollow fiber membrane module (UF membrane) manufactured and sold by our company.
  5. Field test
    A test is conducted using the actually used membrane module. The test is conducted under the conditions which are closer to the actual operation than the former test to collect the data.
  6. Starting from design of the equipment, installation through instructions for operation are totally supported. We also offer consultation on maintenance after installation.


Contact number

Membrane Sales Department

  • Tokyo +81 (0)3-6631-3000
  • Osaka +81 (0)6-7639-7351

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