Tubular type module

Tubular type module

Tubular modules are suitable for high-concentration solid-liquid separation treatment.
The waste water from buildings, ships, communities, etc. are recycled more often these years. The membrane method is adopted in the processes above for solid-liquid separation and reduction of BOD, COD and SS. Tubular modules have membrane inside the pipe whose inner diameter is at least 10mm, and suitable for turbid solution and water quality with a large amount of suspended solids which cannot be treated with hollow fiber modules. Main purposes of use are gray water, treatment of human wastes, concentration of enzyme, etc., and they are also suitable for desalinization of dye, concentration of tomato juice, etc. using reverse osmosis membrane.

Features of tubular type modules

Optimal for high-concentration solid-liquid separation
They are suitable for treatment of high-viscosity turbid solution and waste water with large amount of suspended solids. It is possible to select the membrane pore size and the membrane material according to the conditions of the treated waste water.

Easy maintenance
It is possible to perform physical cleaning (sponge ball cleaning) as well as cleaning with chemical agents. Since replacement of membrane is also easy, the maintenance does not become a burden.

Specifications of tubular type modules

Specifications of the module

Item MH25 Normal MH12 P18A P18B P18LP
Inner diameter of the tube (mm) 14.5 14.5 11.5 11.5 11.5
The number of tubes (pieces) 18 18 18 18 18
Membrane area (m2) 2 1 1.6 0.76 2.3
Dimension Diameter (mm) 114 114 109 109 114
Length (mm) 2640 1390 2619 1319 3870

List of general grades of modules

Product number Molecular cutoff Membrane material Casing material Initial permeate flow rate
Maximum pressure
Maximum temperature
pH range
MH25-NV-DUYM010 20,000 PAN PVC 160 1 45 2 to 12
MH25-NV-DUYL010 40,000 270 1

MH25 type valuation basis: pure water, temperature 25 degree C, pressure 0.2MPa

Product number Molecular cutoff Membrane material Maximum pressure (MPa) Maximum temperature (℃) pH range
TU-20100-P18A 100,000 Polyolefin 1 40 3 to 11
TU-30100-P18A 100,000 Polysulfone

P18 type valuation basis: 0.5% polyethylene glycol solution (MW20k), temperature 25 degree C, pressure 0.2MPa, flow rate 14L/min



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