Hollow fiber membrane module (Large type)

Since cellulose acetate, which is a membrane material with excellent hydrophilicity, is used for FW50 / FZ50 / FN20, their surface are resistant to dirt, and it is possible to maintain high permeability in a stable manner. This membrane module is used not only for water purification, but also for recycling waste water, and it is the module which currently attracts attention the most.

Characteristics of the hollow fiber membrane module (Large type)

Cellulose acetate is used.
Since cellulose acetate, which has high hydrophilicity, is used as the membrane material, it is possible to stabilize the permeability at a high level. Cellulose acetate is composed of acetic acid and cellulose, which is a natural substance, it is a environment-friendly, biodegradable material.

Water supply membrane module standard accredited product
The UF membrane manufactured at our factory is used. Since "FZ50" receives water supply membrane module standard accreditation, it is possible to use at water purification plants.

Pursuit of cost reduction (FN20)
Especially, it is possible to separate the hollow fiber membrane from the housing as a cartridge on "FN20". Therefore, it is possible to reduce wastes at the time of maintenance.

Purpose of use

Water purification systems of water purification plants, RO pretreatment of waste water, ground water utilization systems

Specifications of the hollow fiber membrane module (Large type)

Module type FZ50-AC-FUC1582 FW50RVC-FUC1582 FN20-VP-FUC1582
Membrane material Cellulose acetate Cellulose acetate Cellulose acetate
Molecular cutoff 150 thousand 150 thousand 150 thousand
Inner diameter/ outer diameter of the hollow fiber 0.8mm/ 1.3mm 0.8mm/ 1.3mm 0.8mm/ 1.3mm
Effective membrane area 50m2 50m2 16m2
The maximum service temperature 40℃ 40℃ 40℃ *1
pH range 4 to 8 4 to 8 4 to 8
Water supply membrane module standard accreditation number No. 448 No. 187 No. 191

*1 Its feature is a wide assortment of products which responds to various purposes of use.
FK20: Heat-resistant specification (Material of the external cylinder of the cartridge: polysulphone)
FN20: Room temperature specification (Material of the external cylinder of the cartridge: polyvinyl chloride) *It is also used for the HGW system of our company.

Performance required for a membrane filtration system for water purification treatment

  • Permeability
  • Pollutant removal function
  • Safety, reliability
  • Low cost





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