Spiral type module (RO)

Spiral type module (RO)

Reverse osmosis is a technique for separating water from dissolved matter by applying a pressure of more than the osmotic pressure of the treated raw water to the treated raw water (normally, around 1MPa to 6MPa) using asymmetrically structured membrane or composite membrane which has ability to block the dissolved matter. It is used in many areas for the purposes of desalinization, removal of low molecular weight substances whose molecular mass is 1,000 or less and so forth.

Specification of spiral type modules

Model Membrane area Diameter Overall length
SW04 7.0m2 4 Inch 40 Inch
SW08 28.0m2 8 Inch 40 Inch

Specifications of RO membrane

We have many types of membrane other than the ROM membrane listed below. Please contact us for the detail.

Model number Salt rejection rate Membrane material Initial water permeation rate
Maximum output (MPa) Maximum temperature (degree C) pH range
NaCl MgSO4
DRA9910 99 - Synthetic composite membrane 35 to 38 6.9 45 2 to 11
DRA9810 98 - 44 to 53 4.1 45 2 to 11
DRA4510 (45) 94 41 to 47 4.1 45 3 to 10

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