To add new functions to food by concentration and purification of useful material


We conduct food processing for food allergy. We are considering various processing methods for removing protein. The amount of processing is limited and the cost like electricity charges is high with the existing heating method and centrifugal method. Is it possible to remove protein with membrane?


It is possible to remove protein with membrane. We receive at least 100 cases of consultation about various undiluted solutions per year including solutions other than protein, and we propose membrane treatment according to the need of each customer. We conduct hearing about "what is the raw water to be treated like, and what should be separated and filtered, and what should be taken out", and adding to the lab test conducted at the technical center of our company, we sell and lease the testers which are used for taking the data required for designing the equipment (a trunk-type hollow fiber membrane module tester, a hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane tester and a flat membrane tester), and it is also possible to conduct the test by the customer.

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