No.1 high-quality membrane modules which can be used for a wide range of purposes including pure water and waste water treatment : DAICEN MEMBRANE-SYSTEMS promotes technical development of various types of separation membrane for water treatment, and manufactures and sells industrial water treatment systems and air diffusers.
Total solution of DAICEN MEMBRANE-SYSTEMS that resolves all problems concerning water treatment : We are experts of water treatment using membrane modules.
We contribute to the society with highly purified treatment, reuse and recycling of our limited and important resource, water, using our technologies. We reduce environmental loads by reconstructing the water recycling systems. - Waste water treatment technology. - Water treatment technology. - Reduce 70% of the burden of the cost with the ground water utilization system! - Medical care.
We inherited sophisticated technologies and abundant results of Daicel Corporation, which is a leading chemical manufacturer of Japan. : It is an age of change, and it is exactly why you should choose the technologies proven by history. Daicel Group, founded in 1919, listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange

Product line

These are modules for various purposes including reconstruction of healthy water environment and water cycles and utilization at food plants, etc.
The PEARLCOMB diffusers are air diffusers for activated sludge treatment such as sewage treatment and industrial waste water treatment.
E mizu Shower
These are systems for reducing electricity charges and CO2 by sprinkling on outdoor units of air conditioners.


  1. 2014.02.24We donated membrane water purification systems for the damages by Philippines Typhoon.
  2. 2014.12.25Notice about the patents related to hollow fiber membrane modules owned by the company.

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